What year did it start?

Viking Waveskis  Established in 2014.

Where are you based?

Viking Waveskis HQ is based in Kloof, Durban, Kwazulu, Natal.

CAD and CNC operations, Durban.

Fibre glass Master craftsman East Coast Fibre Glass operations, Riverhorse Industrial, Durban.

Who is Behind Viking Waveskis?

Over 100 years collective Waveski surfing experience and knowledge is behind the design and manufacture of VIKING Waveskis, each with no less than 30 years waveski surfing.

Gary Duminy; Sales and Marketing; 37 years waveski surfing experience, competitively represented Border, KZN  and multiple SA championships and World championships.

Steve Holmes; Production Fibre Glassing Master craftsman; 30 years waveski surfing background, competitively represented in KZN and SA Championships. He has been in the Fibre Glassing industry all his life since 17 years old. Fibre Glass is his life, his passion and profession!

Consultants to design and performance;

Ian Beach; SA Champion 2014 Grand Masters; 37 years waveski surfing experience, competitively represented KZN, and multiple SA Championships and World Championships.

Dave Griffith; 37 years waveski surfing experience, experienced Surfer in multi surf disciplines of short board, long board and waveski. Competitively represented Border, SWD, Western Province, KZN and multiple SA Championships and World Championships in South Africa, Hawaii and Australia.

Why it started?

The sport of Waveski surfing in South Africa was dominated by a single board manufacturer with no restraint on price of a board and accessories, which became unreasonable! Competition was desperately needed. A single brand existence is a disservice to the sport, there was no development for entry level and stability for new waveski surfers, sole focus was spent on competitive boards which shrunk the sport and killed the fun for new surfers.

High performance boards are necessary for the top performers, as much as entry level boards are for stability, pleasant and fun surfing.

Since Viking has come into the market, Prices have dropped dramatically, to reasonable affordable levels and with a wider range available to new people to trial and enjoy the sport.

Viking waveski offers board at real VALUE and with an improved better quality gloss finish!


Our Vision is to offer an affordable “fun to surf” VIKING Waveski surfboard, which is stable, strong, light weight and offers a very good, balanced, dynamic performance waveskis, at an affordable VALUE!

  • VIKING Waveskis offers the best suited board to new or pro surfers.
  • VIKING will strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • VIKING Waveskis offers the best performance quality products, with high gloss finish and attention to detail!

Viking strives to satisfy!